Ponedeljek, 22 Julij 2019

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I have done things that I was scared to do

I have always wanted to travel abroad and I was given the option to go on Erasmus, so I didn’t thought it twice and I applied. I was given the internship, so the following step was to choose the place where I wanted to go and in my case I selected Slovenia. Why? Because I spent all Sunday looking at pictures and opinions of people that had been in Erasmus and Slovenia was the place that call my attention. Naiara clanek goodbye
So now my stay in Ljubljana is coming to an end and I can say that I have had a really good time. I have done things that I was scared to do, I have travel a lot, I have lost myself in the streets of Ljubljana, I have had fun while doing my practices in Nefiks and I have meet new people from all around the world.
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Če tudi tebe zanimajo mednarodne priložnosti in bi rad doživel_a takšno izkušnjo, kot jo je Naiara, nam piši na in predstavili ti bomo mednarodne priložnosti za mlade :).