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Nedelja, 17 Januar 2021

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InterArts logo 300pxThe "InterArts - Youth Communities for Social Inclusion" project aims at empowering young people to fight against discrimination and social exclusion through the use of artistic activities.

By deploying an innovative non-formal methodology based on a set of art-related disciplines (i.e. dance, theatre, music, street-art, photography, literature, cinema, painting & sculpture), InterArts will produce practical knowledge to reduce social exclusion and improve the level of key competences and skills of young people living in marginalised conditions.

The Handbook of Good Practices and Lessons Learned is the main project output, since it will be composed by all the research-wise and methodological results. More specifically, in this downloadable document it will be possible to retrieve:
1) The desk-based research of good practices and lessons learned implemented all around Europe in the field of "art for social purposes" from 2008 to 2018. 
2) The background description of: local territories where the InterArts project has been implemented; EU policies in the field of social inclusion of youth population; overview of the EU situation in 2018.
3) The collection of feedback and testimonies taken from project beneficiaries, partners and other stakeholders.
4) Pictures, images and other info taken throughout the training courses in each involved EU country.

Project duration:
January 2019 to December 2020

Project applicant:
Compagnia Virgilio Sieni (Italy)

Inter Alia (Greece)
Zavod Nefiks (Slovenia)
Asociacion Juvenil Teatral On&Off (Spain)
Proposito Inadiavel (Portugal)
Ars for progress of people (Belgium)
Carpe Diem (Croatia)

The project is co-funded by the Eramus+ Programme of the European Union.

co funded by the ErasmusPlus

Včasih slike povedo več kot tisoč besed

V juniju smo končno pričeli z delavnicami v sklopu projekta "InterArts - Youth Communities for Social Inclusion" , katerega cilj je z uporabo umetniških disciplin mlade opolnomočiti za boj proti diskriminaciji in socialni izključenosti. Tako za mlade pripravljamo vrsto delavnic, ki temeljijo na umetniških disciplinah.

Korona nam je precej prekrižala načrte, a z upoštevanjem navodil NIJZ bomo te delavnice tokrat izvedli.

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