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Zavod Nefiks is a non-governmental organization that is working on promotion and recognition of knowledge and competence acquired through non-formal education and informal learning. Our main project is Nefiks booklet with its online version that has been designed to help individuals and organizations with recording knowledge, skills and competences developed through different activities like volunteer work, workshops, language courses and other activities where learning took place.

Our aim is to include, recognize and consider youth and volunteer work in the formal education system, scholarship schemes and employment. For this reasons we are organizing different promotional and educational events, prepare publications and cooperate with stakeholders on local, national and international level.

To help young people discover and develop their talents as well as support them with finding their career path we are offering them various projects where they can take active part. These projects are designed in a way that groups of young people meet on regular basis and prepare the workshops which help them become more proactive. With different clubs, employment and career, different events and international mobility programs we help youth with developing their skills and competences and raising their employability.
Please read more about our projects in the sections below.



Recording non-formal education with Nefiks

With Nefiks – index booklet and its online e-version, which is available on, we help young people to record all competences they gained through all forms of non-formal learning, education as well as employment.vstopnastranvenefiks opt


logo Kolegice

each individual has an opportunity to meet and connect with a successful woman that is already employed in participant’s desired position. She becomes her mentor – her colleague. The two meet on a monthly basis, for an hour meeting, and discuss the possibilities and appropriate approaches for reaching a particular vocation.


Nefiks Career Clubs
After we successfully carried out Employment Clubs we organize Nefiks Career Clubs. These operate in different schools in all over Slovenia and we, Nefiks Tutors, guide them and promote Nefiks and the development of competences.


Language clubs

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These are groups of 12 young individuals that are looking to learn or improve specific foreign language through conversation. To achieve the language faster there are native speakers that help them with pronunciation, language and cultural specifics. They have meetings on weekly basis, organize events and make career plans. The main goal is to improve their appearance on the labor market.

Nefiks employment solutions
zaposlitvene resitve vektorsko

Young people receive long-term treatment and professional training for developing skills. At least three months participants operate in Nefiks fives (5 members) and one year in groups My skills (up to 20 members). Each Five, in cooperation with the employer chooses activist or health project. With the help of e-Nefiks participants create a competence profile, visible to employers.


Where to after graduation & Mosaic of success

Workshops on topic of vocational orientation for highschool students.



Round tables & Consultations on youth employment

Nefiks consultations on active topics of recording non-formal education, employment and status of the youth in the society.

Nefiks Tutoring

A group of tutors and volunteers, who promote Nefiks among their peers and help youth with the development of employment literacy.

On-line education for Nefiks Tutors

Education is free of charge and intended for those, who want to know more about Nefiks and to promote it, and as well as for those who would like to intensively cooperate with Nefiks team as regards to projects and other activities.


Web portal

We keep track of all information regarding employment literacy on one place.


Individual consulting on vocational orientation with the help of our experts and staff from succesfull Slovenian companies.

Nefiks diploma

The purpose of the recognition – award is to encourage youth to record their knowledge, capabiliites and skills gained with non-formal and occasional learning (seminars, workshops, volunteering, student jobs).


Points of Sale

We have a developed network of selling places for index Nefiks in whole Slovenia, just check your local youth center or school.


E-magazine for our members and userd of Nefiks with all up-to-date information.


Nefiks publications

We issue publications from the fields of employment literacy, non-formal education and vocational orientation. They are available in Nefiks Library-LINK.

Index Nefiks

Nefiks is a project that has been promoting the values of volunteering and non-formal education in Slovenia for over 10 years. It has been doing so by motivating young people to educate in different fields and persuading employers to consider non-formal education as a reference when getting a job.

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